Antique Lovin’

Antique stores have been an obsession for me, mostly during my early 20s, but when I look back at my life, I’ve been going to antique stores since I was a kid. I would go with my Aunt Lori and my mom when my aunt came to town. It was my favorite thing! They got me interested in old things and the novelty and value of things from the past. My grandpa is even an “antiquer” and he and I have had some fun checking out different antique stores on little road trips through southern Utah. Then when I first moved out, one of my roommates worked at an antique store and was really into antique shopping. She and I would scour all over northern Utah for the finest antique stores and spend hours in them just looking at STUFF. I feel like you can learn a lot, not to mention that antique shop owners are always some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet because they know so much history, especially about the things they have displayed in their shop. I recommend always taking the time to ask them about something in their shop.

I think one of my favorite things to look at, besides everything, is the jewelry and the old photographs. I always buy an old forgotten photograph when I go to an antique store. I have quite the collection now, which you can read about and see some of those photographs on this blog post 


Shops I highly recommend getting absorbed in in Utah are:

Capital City Antique Mall  (Salt Lake City)

Euro Treasures  (Salt Lake City)

Cat’s Cradle Antiques  (Provo)

The Planted Earth (Orem)

Treasures Antique Mall (Springville)

Confetti Antiques (Spanish Fork)

*Photo taken on a Nikon FG-20 with Ektar 100


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