My 1st Homemade Pumpkin Pie

This was the first pumpkin pie I ever made – completely from scratch! I took it to my friends place who had invited me over for Thanksgiving  dinner that year because I couldn’t make it home due to weather.

I had found the recipe for it online and it sounded so yummy; with ingredients like ginger and toasted marshmallows.  However, it was gross. At least I hated it. The ginger was too strong and it wasn’t sweet enough. I even left it at my friends’ place hoping her family would at least finish eating it. I was sort of bummed out. I guess I should have just followed my mom’s recipe…

But that’s the story of my first pumpkin pie! 34440031

That roll of Ektar 100 film had a few other random photos on it as well. Brought back memories…



  1. I would love your recipe. We recently had an untraditional Thanksgiving celebration last week to beat the January blues and this recipe would have been perfect. . . BUT I still can make pie even if it isn’t Thanksgiving right!?

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