20 Feel Good Things

Write a list of 20 things that make you feel good:

  1. When someone plays with my hair
  2. Playing the piano
  3. Making people laugh
  4. Sun beating down on my skin while taking a nap on the grass
  5. Late nights with good friends
  6. Laughing too hard
  7. Laying naked on my bed after a nice shower
  8. Finishing a good book
  9. Taking a really good photo on accident
  10. A nice bike ride
  11. Waking up to the smell of someone cooking breakfast
  12. Going inside a greenhouse
  13. Being up early
  14. Waking up NOT tired
  15. Spending time at the library
  16. Being outside
  17. Taking time to look at the moon and stars
  18. Eating a good meal and not being too full afterward
  19. Being kissed on the forehead
  20. Watching the trees blow in the breeze

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