First Response

I did one of those questionnaire first response things. Like when Vogue does their 100 questions with a certain celebrity and they just have to say the first thing that comes to mind.

The most beautiful song: “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last

A music genre: The blues

A male singer: Hozier

A female singer: Caro Emerald

An art movement: Art Nouveau

A Painter/Artist: Alphonse Mucha

A painting: “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt

A writer: John Steinbeck

A book: Dandelion Wine

A photograph: I could never pick one.

A photographer: Robert Doisneau

A movie: Fried Green Tomatoes

A music composer: Debussy

An actor: John Candy

An actress: Marion Cotillard

A superhero: Batman

A superpower: remembering everything you ever read or saw

An element: water

A number: 7

An animal: Samoyed dog

A tree: Weeping Willow

A plant: succulent

A flower: wildflowers

A sound: rain

A smell: sandalwood

A country: Italy

A city: Salt Lake City

A famous person/character you’d love to meet: Anne Frank

An invention: peanut butter

A cure: Excedrin

A word: rapture

A verb: smiling

A habit: picking my nails

An essential thing: light

An amazing thing: making eye contact with the person you love and simply gazing into each other’s eyes for a long time

An enjoyable thing: falling asleep in the sun

A success: finding your niche

A quote: “the world belongs to the enthusiastic”

A mood: anticipation

A deep regret: quitting playing the violin




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