Music: A Breath of Life

I feel that this is a good self-portrait that really captures me right now. I’ve been playing the piano galore lately and it’s been so satisfying. I would even have to say I’ve actually learned some new music theory along the way – something I haven’t experienced in awhile. I had to actually google what some music symbols were today.


I’ve started to really push myself in learning even more advanced and different music than I’ve been playing. I mean, I haven’t really had a piano at my fingertips in my young adult life until just last October when I decided it was time to buy myself an amazing Yamaha P115 keyboard – which was definitely an improvement in my life – so I didn’t only get the chance to play the piano when I was able to go home and visit my parents or grandparents who have a piano at their house.

I recently read this book

81ku6aeu8hland it was very scientifically insightful as we continue to learn all the effects music has on our brain, but it was also just an amazing reminder that the beauty of music and it’s healing and moving powers are still mostly unexplainable. And don’t worry, it was definitely not just written for scholarly people. Any average brain would understand and find this book captivating – especially if you’re interested in music.

Last summer I read this book


It was so fascinating! There were so many stories of people who would get struck by lightning or have some strange physical event happen to them and out of nowhere people that were tone deaf or not musically inclined would miraculously become these musical prodigies. It talked a lot about brain worms and why we get certain songs stuck in our heads. It brought up music therapy and many other fascinating cases of people and music and the brain. I highly recommend this book.

Gary and I both love music – like a lot. It’s probably 70% of what we talk about as a couple. We both love making our own music (he plays a lot of instruments, but mostly guitar), and listening to all genres of music and he is absolutely my favorite person to go to concerts with. One time when he and I were just dating, we were talking about music and he sent me this text message and I thought it was so profound I had to write it down. He said, “Beautiful music can take you from a state of existence to a state of ethereal being so that each breath of life is so full of life you have to cry just to understand it.” Is that not just so poetic?! I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with that??? haha But anyway, I had never met anyone who was on the same plane of music as me and it was so exciting to share that with someone.

All I know is, “Life without music would be a mistake.” -Nietzsche


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