Oral-B + Arm & Hammer

I began working on a simple photography project in January called “Shoot Who You Are” which is basically a little photo-based documentary about myself. I got distracted this past year with a lot of other things and now I’m trying to settle back in to what I had in mind. So anyway…

It’s the little things that make us who we are. The small, insignificant, mindless, little things we do, or like, or use that make us unique. For example, whenever I smell vanilla-based perfumes or aromas it makes me think of my mom. She always seemed to wear subtle vanilla scented perfumes or burned candles in the house with a hint of vanilla.

Whenever I see or use Aussie hair products or smell the hairspray (specifically) I am immediately taken back to spending summers with my cousins and being in their house full of girls. They always used Aussie products.

Things like that.

I made the discovery of an electric tooth brush about 4 years ago and now I can’t use anything else. The basic Oral-B electric toothbrush that costs about $5 is my favorite one. They last a long time and I swear they are the only thing keeping my teeth as white as they are.


I bounce around between toothpaste brands. This is my latest toothpaste choice. Is this a good example of how I squeeze out my toothpaste? I know that’s a thing too… I’m not really one of those people who continuously has to squeeze the remaining toothpaste to the top. It’s not until I’m about to run out do I do everything I can to squelch out the last lumps of paste.


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