In response to the Daily Post…

Cake. I’d say it’s probably healthy every now and then to eat cake for breakfast – before dinner – or just whenever you please really! You deserve it! I’ve never once felt (too) guilty when I’ve eaten leftover cake for breakfast. Just ask my man…he always laughs when I come back to kiss him awake and he can smell chocolate on my breath.

I think one of my all time favorite kinds of cake is that tacky rainbow white cake with the rainbow chip icing. I could literally eat that thing in one sitting with a friend.

My other very favorite cake is this little chocolate fudge bundt cake drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkled with chocolate chips that you can find in the bakery at Smith’s grocery store. It’s probably one of the best store bought cakes you will ever find! If I had to come up with a word for that, it would be decadent. I can give you lots of other words too like: gooey, rich, moist, and satisfying.  Actually now that I think about it, it’s probably a tie with Mr. Rainbow Chip cake.

What have I just done to myself?? Now I need cake.

(Short post due to that fact that I must go to the store to buy cake now…)


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