In response to the Daily Post:

I love to paint. My favorite medium is definitely watercolor because it is so fluid and free and vibrant and gives you an element of surprise when working with it.

I will never forget when I took my first watercolor painting class in college and my teacher had this huge watercolor brush that she had dripping wet with watercolor paint and she would paint fearlessly in a messy but controlled way flipping paint here and there in a completely non-conservative way. I loved it!! I was hooked and I’ve since seen watercolor painting as a very lighthearted and fun form of art. There are many ways and techniques to go about it, but I think the way I watched my teacher paint captured my heart.

Lately I’ve had the time to sort of explore painting and I feel like I have a style, but I’m also busy trying out multiple styles and challenges.

Here’s what I’ve produced most recently:




As you can see, they’re all very different. But I think it’s important to try it all.


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