In response to the Daily Post:

Someone once said, “eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be…”

Those moments when you see something with someone else and there are no words to explain the thoughts racing through your mind of whatever it is you just saw, whether it be funny, beautiful, sad, or amazing – and you glance at that other person for some kind of mental response, and you just know they are thinking the same thing?

It’s moment like those when you know you have a kindred spirit in a friend, or you’re in love.

I totally believe that the eyes are the window to the soul. And for me, it’s always been one of the biggest things I’ve ever paid attention to when “checking out” someone in terms of attraction. Some people just have the most beautiful eyes that you can’t stop getting lost into, and some people just have those eyes that smile, or in other words have a light or a sparkle.

The man I’m in love with has the kind of eyes that just light up and smile and I noticed it the first moment I ever spoke to him. I didn’t realize it in the beginning, but I think somewhere deep down inside of me I fell in love instantly.  His beautiful brown eyes, along with his brilliantly white perfect teeth that fit inside a wide and happy smile. Oh my gosh – the world would stop spinning if Gary (the man I love) stopped smiling.

Fake smiles don’t include the eyes that light up. That’s how you know a smile is insincere.

My favorite part of a portrait are the eyes. Whenever I make a portrait of someone, I want their eyes to be honest. I want them to be completely there. It’s so important if you really want to take a good photograph of someone.  If you think about it, when we pass someone with sunglasses on, we really have no idea what they look like. I would never be able to recognize a person without having seen their eyes. Even twins have different eyes. If you really look closely.

Eyes aren’t just a biological makeup that we got from our parents. They are completely unique and probably my favorite feature on any person.




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