Old Photographs

Everyone has a little hobby, or a little collection. Mine is collecting old photographs. The kind of photographs you find at flea markets, estate sales, and antique shops. The photos that no one wants anymore.

I am so intrigued in the lives and personalities of these strangers in the photographs. Who are they? What did they do with their lives? Were they funny? Were they serious? Who took these photos? I find some photographs dull and boring, and then there are some that just stick out to me. I find some of them so simply beautiful. There is always an element to each photo I select where I see charm, simplicity, and a kind of beauty that can only really be understood if you just understand.

It’s like I don’t want these random individuals to be forgotten, or I don’t want some old photograph that was taken by someone with an eye for something sweet and beautiful to stay forever at the bottom of a box. It sort of takes me back to another time. To a simpler, less posed life. It’s like I’m looking at old family photos. I feel connected somehow…and maybe in some way I am, or you are. Well anyway, now I’m just rambling.

It’s just something I love, and whenever I die and someone is going through all my old things, they will find these old random photographs and I hope they see the beauty too.

Here are some I’ve collected that I scanned in on my poor quality scanner:














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