In response to the Daily Post.

I’ve been reading a book called ‘I Married Adventure’ and it’s all about a woman and her husband’s epic voyages in the early 1900s to photograph the world and her side of the story. I stumbled upon this novel once upon a time at the UVU library, initially intrigued by the title, brought it home and started reading it with my roommate. I began reading it aloud to her because she had recently suffered a grand mal seizure that was most triggered from reading fine print. She needed some story time in her life, so I would read it out loud to her every night before we fell asleep. It was a tender and really fun bond for us at the time. The tale/autobiography this woman, Osa Johnson, wrote was witty and funny and easy to read.

We got half way through the big novel, when I couldn’t keep renewing the book anymore. Then my roommate moved out and got married. I ended up moving away. And no matter where I looked, including Amazon, ‘I Married Adventure’ was nowhere to be found or on backorder. It was about a year and a half later before I discovered Weller Books at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City who was able to specially order the book for me!

I am now continuing the voyage.

It feels so timeless – early 1900 voyages by ship to far away places that hadn’t even yet been photographed to the most exotic places that no one could just google and sort of experience via high pixel digital photography like we do now.

The book is about a small town girl from Kansas who fell in love with a man with a camera, who started out taking portraits at state fairs and who dreamed of traveling the world and photographing animals, people, and places far far away. The girl wanted nothing more than a never ending adventure. So that is what they did; teaming up with the writer Jack London along the way. Amongst the pages are some of the photographs taken by her husband of tribal people, cannibals, lions, apes, and much more. They are beautiful photos, and being a lover of travel and photography, I immediately fell in love with this book. It’s definitely worth your time.

200px-Imarriedadventure 26183_005





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