I remember about a year and a half ago I had this intense period of understanding. I’d describe it as a giant, continuous epiphany of so many things. It was like I suddenly just understood people better, my life, why we all do the things we do, why things are the way they are, etc. It was like a constant smack in the forehead of enlightenment almost every day. I was very lost in thought at this time. It’s not like I was completely oblivious to everything in life; I feel like it was more of a much deeper understanding of everything. It  was a good (random) growing period for me. I can’t even explain why or how it happened.

For me, when I’m frustrated I think I start to lose my side of understanding (as most anyone would), but I think that’s exactly when I need to be more understanding. The more understanding we are, the more patient we are, the happier we are, and stable we are.



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