Everyone’s Doing It

Everyone does it – we can’t help ourselves. Flowers are probably the MOST photographed thing in the world. They practically pose for the camera or your iphone, just waiting to be admired. It seems like such a cliche to take a picture of a flower, and sometimes I find myself purposely not photographing flowers because I see them all the time and why add just another image to the list of flower photos?

But they are just sooooo beautiful! They smell divine! They are so delicate and soft! And they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We feel alive when they begin to bloom, and it’s a sure sign that we can finally be outdoors after a long winter.

I was photographing a wedding the other day at a Botanical Garden and I got lost amongst the rose garden. It smelled so delightful, and they were all just so pretty and practically billowing everywhere. Since I had my hefty professional camera already around my neck, I figured “why not?” and began shooting away.

The need to photograph these lovely creations is simply our modern human way of appreciating them, and really that’s what they are here for.








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