First off, I have my parents to thank for a great childhood. They were like kids when it came to showing us the world. They also found the perfect balance of giving us everything we needed and deserved without spoiling us.


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Childhood, for me, was completely lighthearted and carefree! It was a time of memory making and playing with all my brothers. We moved a lot growing up and so I was able to make new friends and experience new places all the time. Everything seemed like a new adventure as a kid. I loved going to the library, rollerblading, catching minnows in the pond, dancing, camping in the backyard, visiting my grandparents cabin, drawing, making all sorts of things/crafts, playing from sunup ’til sundown, and riding my bike in the forbidden “field,” where every kid was told not to go into, but we all went anyway – mostly to jump our bikes off dirt hills. The list really goes on and on. I like to think I had a near perfect childhood. I played hard and experienced things firsthand, and it is now something I look back on with great fondness.



Sometimes I even feel a little sad that my childhood is like actually sort of over. I mean, in a lot of ways I’m still a kid at heart and I feel like the only thing making me feel like an adult is the worry of paying bills. I took for granted the days when all I had to worry about was “who was going to be able to play today” and “how hard math might be in fourth grade…” I guess my childhood was so rich and happy that I really feel the need to express my gratitude for such a good part of my life – something I hope my future children can experience in the same way. Also, I really miss hanging out with my brothers. We were all such good friends growing up.

A person’s childhood masks a great part of a person’s life. I can only hope that the innocence and wonder of a child makes for a great childhood in each of us.




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