I have always loved the written word since before I could read.

I remember pretending that I could read before I was to start kindergarten, and even when I was in kindergarten I would pretend I could read books above my reading level. I loved it when my mom and dad would read to me as a child. I seriously thought it was so cool! I can remember sitting in my room sometimes reading aloud, like a teacher would read to her students, except to imaginary people or my stuffed animals . The eloquent way words would flow off the tongue – and some people were better at it than others, and that was always something I noticed.

There is this home video of me when I was four years old reading aloud The Foot Book by Doctor Suess, except I wasn’t reading, I had the book memorized word for word. I was holding the book up and showing the pictures and I have to admit, it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. And I had the most articulate enunciation as a little girl. Like the way I’d say “bottle” when I was playing with my dolls – I’d really articulate the “t’s.” I wish I could say I was just as articulate now as I was when I was much younger, but we all get lazy and I’d almost look like an idiot or a prude if I talked proper in this day and age.

When I was in elementary school, creative writing was my favorite subject! Whenever we’d get those writing prompts where we’d have to finish the sentence and then write a story I’d go nuts and end up having to staple extra notebook pages to the original one page paper that was required to fill. I usually could never finish my class time novels in time and so sometimes I’d go home and finish just for my own pleasure.

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was always a “writer” or an “illustrator.” I feel like I’ve dabbled in both fine arts in my lifetime. Always a constant journal writer, wrote for the school newspaper here and there, took watercolor classes and loved to draw and doodle. I guess it’s something I’ve never really lost interest in. I’ve always appreciated good writing and poetry, and any descriptive writing that simply sounds like poetry.

Life happens and we lose touch sometimes of the things we love, and lately I have hardly written a page in a journal. I’ve been catching up on all the reading I want to do and it’s gotten my all inspired again, not to mention the daily writing prompts I see here on WordPress. So I’m going to scrawl (or type) through some of the writing prompts for my own pleasure and to get back in the world of writing. The goal is at least one a day – hopefully more. I’ve got these glorious summer days and sunshine ahead that always make me feel inspired and happy.

Happy Writing!



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