It’s Summer!

Summer. It truly is my season. The smells, the sunshine, the warm summer rain, the pools, the grass, the BBQ’s, and just that overall feeling of relaxation. In a way, the whole world kind of slows down – or it tries to anyway.

This has been the first year, in what feels like years, that I haven’t been working night shifts and I can’t express enough how much fuller my days are. It’s like I’m living 2 days in what used to feel like 1. My nights are a treasure. I’m so relaxed and inspired and lately I’ve just been feeling so good because I’ve had lots of sunshine, and today my fiance and I took our first summer dip in the pool and it was divine.

I love watching the sun slowly set in the western cerulean sky, making dinner, then settling in for a good read, a favorite T.V. show and cuddling with my love, or some art time.

I just love my home and I love that my favorite season is upon us.



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