Shoot Who You Are!

“Shoot who you are!” -Bruce Gilden

This is a project I have been wanting to start doing since I was in college studying photography. I am very fascinated and interested in street photography, documentary photography, and the human race. It’s my dream one day to work for National Geographic or another magazine or journal like it.


When my beloved Grandmother passed away a few years ago, I did a photo project documenting her life through portraits of my Grandfather and their journey together. Along the way with I began photographing things in their home that either reminded me of her, or were just her. Before I had photographed it, my grandpa had photographed it. He was so in love with her – every little thing about her. If she hadn’t already quietly left behind a legacy, my grandpa documented her every step of the way. It’s quite beautiful, and it inspired me.

The legacy we leave behind will matter one day, to our posterity, or simply to be remembered as a human being. So I want to photograph me. My life. Who I am. It will be a reflection of who I am, my daily life, the world I am immersed in. I think we as individuals are all more interesting than we think we are. Why not photograph the beauty of the mundane of our lives?



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