Henna is so beautiful! I fell in love with it when it became a fad at farmer’s markets and festivals when I was about 19 years old. I got it done a couple of times by friends, local henna artists, or myself. Then I went to India and had it done by some village girls and street artists. It’s so intricate and fun and pretty – and the best part is, it comes off. After about 2 weeks you get sick of it covering up her hands or feet or wherever you put it. Sometimes it’s sad when it washes off, but it only means you get to have something new created on your skin again. That gorgeous golden brown hue that accents the skin so perfectly.

I recently did one on myself while I was watching one of the best Bollywood movies, Jodhaa Akbar (y’all should go watch it when you have about 3 1/2 hours of free time)

I would not say I was exceptionally talented at doing it on myself, especially on my other hand. It’s too tedious to get very intricate, but it’s kinda fun to have once in awhile.



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